eNaBlS joined the NBS Education Task Force

Nature-based Solutions (NBS) offer cost-effective and sustainable ways to address environmental, social, and economic challenges, while preserving and enhancing natural ecosystems. Understanding their crucial role, the European Commission is funding projects whose main focus is to mainstream NBS knowledge in various sectors, e.g. education.

The Task Force NBS Education was initiated in January 2024 with the aim to facilitate collaboration among EU-funded projects and networks involved in NBS education. It is part of the family of NetworkNature NBS Cluster Task Forces and facilitated by Trinity College on behalf of the project NBS EduWORLD. This Task Force aims to build a community of educators and experts to enhance nature-based education in Europe.

With ᴇNᴀBʟS kicking-off in January, we can proudly claim that contacting the ‘NetworkNature’ initiative and joining the Task Force NBS Education was one of the first things we did as a project . This synergy promises to create a more robust and comprehensive approach to teaching and implementing NBS, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious Europe.

To learn more about the Task Force NBS Education, visit https://nbseduworld.eu/about/task-force-nbs-education.


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